Monitor your SEO positioning with the SERP Mojo mobile app

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Are you fond of SEO, or are you starting out slowly but surely on the path to natural referencing? You might like this mobile application!

During my SEO work for my clients, I obviously had to go through the keyword box. These are important elements to carry out your SEO strategy. Knowing which keywords you want to reference on also means adapting your text accordingly and thus generating linked traffic.

I was super hot and at one point I just needed a quick and efficient look at my progress. Quick little google search for the available mobile applications and after 2-3 downloads, I came face to face with SERP Mojo (official site).

SERP Mojo comes down to one simple thing: Visualize the progress of your site's positioning with respect to keywords. on Google

With a clear and intuitive interface, all you have to do is enter the URL of your site as well as the target country (the positioning may be different depending on the country).

SERP Mojo new website

Then, fill in the keywords you want to analyze:

SERP Mojo New keywords

All you have to do is wait to see the results live!

If you go for the professional version, my favorite feature is definitely automatic ranking update in the background!

Indeed, you have the possibility to choose a period (daily, weekly, etc.), to choose an update time and that's it.

Rankings will be updated according to the chosen period, without having to start or keep the application open, the class!

Only small problem, the application is on Android only, sorry to you the Apple team 😉